Oello is new to the world, a bright young cloud-based disruptor that enables businesses to talk their customers quicker than any other service, processing thousands of SMS messages in a moment.

Their new brand needed to catch the attention of a busy world with a new concept, positioning the innovators as fresh, energetic problem solvers capable of powering customer relationships. 


A playful twist with the logotype shows the fluid, ever moving dynamic nature of the company’s thinking – there are always problems to solve! – and their offer of constantly flowing communications.

The Ls connect and communicate, and the movement and colour continues across the range of materials designed, using infographics and illustration to keep things light, bright, accessible and clear.

PWD – Brand Presentation – oello5
PWD – Brand Presentation – oello6
PWD – Brand Presentation – oello7
PWD – Brand Presentation – oello12
PWD – Brand Presentation – oello11
PWD – Brand Presentation – oello10
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